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About IQ Smart Strategy


IQ's Smart StrategyTM

IQ's Smart StrategyTM applies complexity theory to generate rapid, sustainable improvements in HCAHPS scores and other quality metrics such as Value-Based Purchasing results.  This unique approach develops leadership at every level and creates a psychologically safe culture rich in trust, and poised for learning and innovation.


IQ’s Smart StrategyTM Assessment focuses on both cultural and process driven aspects of performance.  We strategically collect data through three distinct methods in order to gain an accurate and complete view of your organization’s strengths and opportunities.


First, our on-line survey is sent to all staff members.  It has a broad reach and provides excellent quantitative data to identify strengths and gaps in performance drivers.  Secondly, key leaders complete targeted questions on IQ’s assessment website. This data collection is critical in understanding current structures, alignment, processes, competencies and practices.  Finally IQ consultants conduct one-on-one interviews with senior leaders, bridge leaders, physician leaders and frontline staff.  These interviews add the qualitative insights necessary to create a customize strategy and implementation timeline for your organization. 


The result is a comprehensive report rich in both quantitative and qualitative data.  This information is used to create an action plan designed to address both cultural and process related factors in order to drive rapid, sustainable improvements in HCAHPS scores and other identified organizational goals.


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